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Lab Packing

Titan Environmental Services, LLC provides turn-key lab packing services for a variety of sectors, including academic institutions, manufacturing, and research facilities. Our personnel are trained are proficient with 40 CFR and 49 CFR regulations, including RCRA and DOT HAZMAT. All chemicals are packed in compliance with DOT packaging requirements and all shipping documents are properly prepared to ensure safe transport and disposal of chemicals. TES can manage most chemicals found in a laboratory, including:
Lab Packing - Titan Environmental in Buford, Georgia

  • RCRA wastes
  • Acute waste (p-listed)
  • Toxic organics, inorganics
  • Metal bearing chemicals
  • Organic peroxides
  • Acids & Caustics
  • TSCA
  • Universal waste
  • Gases, aerosols
  • Reactive waste, Dangerous When Wet

Universities, high schools, research facilities and manufactures have the need to package smaller quantities of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals for disposal. TES’s lab packers document your materials and provide safe and reliable turnkey packing and disposal of your chemicals.


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